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Shane C. Staten, PWS

Senior Wetland Ecologist

Mr. Staten manages the Terra Technologies St. Louis office and is responsible for Clean Water Act Section 404 and 401 permits for central and eastern Missouri. He performs wetland delineations and stream system jurisdictional assessments and, as the head of Terra Technologies' Wetland & Stream Mitigation Banking Division, he designs large scale wetland and stream restoration projects. In addition, Mr. Staten assists in the design of biotechnical engineering stream stabilization projects and rain gardens and performs construction oversight on stream stabilization projects and wetland restorations. 

Prior to joining Terra Technologies in 2005, Mr. Staten provided regulatory and permitting assistance related to the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, and state stormwater regulations for development and transportation projects as well as wetland and riparian restorations.  

Selected relevant project experience includes:

  • Wetland & Stream Mitigation Banks - Missouri & Kansas - Mr. Staten has been a primary or contributing designer for five approved and eleven proposed wetland and stream mitigation banks across Missouri and eastern Kansas encompassing more than 2,000 acres of restored wetland, riparian corridor and stream habitats. In addition, Mr. Staten performed the wetland delineations for many of these properties and has helped guide these projects through the complicated and always evolving regulatory approval process. He has also performed construction inspection, monitoring, marketing and group site visits, including hosting two conference field trips and senior EPA officials. These projects have resulted in significant improvements in water quality and wildlife habitat because of the protection of miles of stream channels with greatly expanded riparian corridors, restoration of almost 2.5 miles of historical stream channels and the creation of hundreds of acres of floodplain wetlands which filter pollutants, store flood waters and provide high quality habitat for many species of wildlife.
  • Missouri River Inner Levee Tract Jurisdictional Assessments - Kansas City, Missouri - Mr. Staten was the project manager for a series of wetland and stream system assessments that encompassed more than 2,600 acres of properties held in Clay County.  Because the owner is proposing to develop the sites, they desired to know the locations of onsite wetlands and streams as well as possible locations for mitigation projects.  Mr. Staten led the field work and coordinated the production of the project reports between staff at all three Terra Technologies offices.
  • Mid-America Sand Wetland Delineation - Jackson County, Missouri - Mr. Staten was the project manager for the complicated and difficult delineation of this approximately 246-acre parcel of highly altered Missouri River floodplain land. He performed detailed analysis of historical aerial photography and led the fieldwork to accurately and efficiently assess the location and limits of any jurisdictional wetlands and streams on the property and then wrote the resulting report submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Lakeside 370 Mitigation Wetland Design & Monitoring - St. Peters, Missouri - Mr. Staten assisted in the design of the mitigation project required as part of the creation of the Lakeside 370 Business Park in St. Peters, Missouri.  This mitigation project includes the creation of more than 50 acres of herbaceous, scrub-shrub, and forested wetlands as well as approximately 34 acres of riparian enhancement areas.  One of the mitigation wetlands is a 24-acre marsh located in the large onsite lake which contains a recreational canoe trail. Mr. Staten also oversaw the construction and monitoring of the mitigation areas and led the intensive five-year habitat monitoring effort of an additional 106 acres of existing forested, scrub-shrub and herbaceous wetlands, including extensive sampling of the vegetation, soils, surface water, ground water and water quality.
  • Tributary B Geomorphic Study – Sunset Hills, Missouri - Mr. Staten was the primary author of a study that evaluated the basic geomorphic stream characteristics and overall ecology of a 10,800-foot stretch of Tributary B, a suburban tributary of the Meramec River that was experiencing flooding and erosional issues. Roughly half of this stream length flows through the Tapawingo National Golf Club. Mr. Staten assessed and analyzed the stream characteristics such as cross section, slope and alignment as well as the nature of the surrounding watershed, including area soils, land uses, surrounding habitat and vegetation. The results were summarized and combined with suggested biotechnical engineering alternatives that would stabilize the eroding portions of this stream reach in as ecologically sound manner as possible.
  • Smith Creek Wetland & Stream Mitigation Bank Stream Restoration Design & Geomorphic Assessment – Moniteau County, Missouri - Mr. Staten was the lead author of an assessment of the design and current state of more than 1.5 miles of seven small streams that were recently restored in central Missouri, with lead engineering provided by John Kahl, P.E. The assessment analyzed the streams’ current level of functioning by evaluating stream morphology, riparian vegetation, hydraulics and watershed hydrology utilizing Rosgen and Natural Channel Design concepts.
  • DePue Zinc Smelter Bluff Area Vegetative Assessment - DePue, Illinois - Mr. Staten assessed the vegetation on a portion of a Superfund site consisting of a 74-acre bluff adjacent to a former zinc smelter site with the primary objective of identifying any locations with atypical plant communities or vegetative growth and with a secondary objective of categorizing and mapping the vegetation into roughly defined plant communities in order to provide a general description of the vegetation of the assessed area. The results of this investigation are intended to guide future decision making regarding this site.
  • Unnamed Stream Geomorphology Assessment - Arnold, Missouri - Mr. Staten assessed a roughly 1,124-linear foot long tributary to Little Muddy Creek to observe and catalogue the geomorphic and ecological state of a stream that bordered residential developments. An overview of the stream's hydrology and hydraulics, soils and ecological state was provided along with biotechnical engineering suggestions to solve localized stream bank instability.
  • Ameren Columbia Operating and Training Center Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Inspection - Columbia, Missouri - Mr. Staten oversaw the production of high quality weekly and heavy rain Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) inspection reports for this building project during its construction between July 2009 and December 2010 and September 2012 to July 2014.
  • Kensington Farms Rain Gardens - Lee's Summit, Missouri - Mr. Staten designed one of the largest rain garden projects in the United States, which will include 3.30 acres of rain gardens located in one of the common areas of a large scale residential development.  These rain gardens are designed to resemble native prairie conditions local to the area and will be an attractive community asset to homeowners.  Additionally, they will help to improve water quality and reduce stormwater runoff while providing wildlife habitat.
  • Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District Sewer & Channel Design General Services Contract – St. Louis County, Missouri - Mr. Staten was the Project Manager for seven stream bank stabilization and storm sewer design projects located throughout St. Louis County with a combined design budget in excess of $350,000. In addition to client, subcontractor and staff coordination, Mr. Staten performed quality assurance and quality control supervision and handled all Clean Water Act permitting .

Professional Affiliations & Certifications

Certified Professional Wetland Scientist

Past President, Society of Wetland Scientists Central Chapter

Current Treasurer, Society of Wetland Scientists Central Chapter

Member, International Board of Directors, Society of Wetland Scientists 2006-2007

Fellow, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Conservation Fellows Program

Semester-long Wetland Delineation Class at Duke University Wetland Center

Certified by Kansas City's 10,000 Rain Gardens Program

Certified in Wildland Fire Suppression

Approved Special Inspector for Major Land Disturbance Projects in St. Louis County


Masters of Environmental Management, Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment, 2001

B.A. Integrative Biology with honors, Minor: Conservation Resource Studies, University of California, Berkeley, 1999


Associate Ecologist, L.C. Lee & Associates, Inc.

Wetland Restoration Intern, The Nature Conservancy

Forestry & Maintenance Intern, Duke Forest




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