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Mathew Rogers

Environmental Engineer

Mr. Rogers assists in the design and monitoring of wetland and stream mitigation banks. He also performs wetland delineations and assists with Clean Water Act permitting within Missouri and Kansas. Mr. Rogers holds a M.S. in Environmental Engineering from U.C. Berkeley and brings a decade of watershed research experience to Terra Technologies. His areas of expertise include water quality, ecological engineering, watershed management, and environmental chemistry. A sample of his relevant experience includes the following:

  • Pottawatomie Creek Wetland and Stream Mitigation Site - Miami County, Kansas - Mr. Rogers conducted the baseline ecological conditions reporting for this 280-acre planned wetland and stream mitigation site located on Pottawatomie Creek near its confluence with the Marais des Cygnes River. As part of the pre-mitigation evaluation of this and other proposed mitigation sites, he helped implement the assessment of streams following the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service's Stream Visual Assessment Protocol. For this project Mr. Rogers also developed a watershed plan to summarize information on the water quality impairments within the watershed and guide the proposed mitigation activities to address those impairments. This project will stabilize several severely incised tributaries to Pottawatomie Creek, reducing sediment loads, and will establish over 100 acres of wetlands on the floodplain of Pottawatomie Creek.
  • Castile Creek Wetland & Stream Mitigation Bank - Buchanan County, Missouri - For a 300-acre planned wetland and stream mitigation site located at the confluence of the Platte River and Castile Creek, Mr. Rogers has documented the existing, pre-mitigation ecological conditions of the site including hydrology, soils, stream quality, and vegetation communities. He and colleagues have completed assessments of the quality of onsite wetlands following the Ohio Rapid Assessment Method for Wetlands v5.0. Planned levee breaches for this project will allow flood waters to access more than 150 acres of current farmland whose connection to the Platte River has been severed. This, along with the restoration of thousands of feet of former streams and hundreds of acres of wetlands and riparian corridors, will provide water quality, flood abatement and wildlife habitat benefits that will be used as compensation for permitted losses of wetland and stream habitats elsewhere.
  • Gasconade River Wetland and Stream Mitigation Bank - Gasconade County, Missouri - Mr. Rogers assists with the acquisition and analysis of monitoring data for this wetland and stream mitigation bank. This project is uniquely located in a valley hemmed in by bedrock on alluvial deposits which were deposited by Second Creek, a tributary to the Gasconade River, before it changed its course in geologic time. Mr. Rogers quantified the quality of the headwater intermittent stream fed by groundwater on the site. He assisted with documenting the baseline ecological conditions of the site, where ephemeral wetlands pools isolated from predatory fish combined with nearby forests create ideal habitat for amphibians such as the marbled salamander.
  • Clear Fork Wetland & Stream Mitigation Bank - Johnson County, Missouri - Mr. Rogers assists with the monitoring of this 212-acre wetland and stream mitigation bank which has included the acquisition and analysis of monitoring data and the preparation of the site's 2013 Monitoring Report. This project has created 79 acres of wetlands and restored over 98 acres of riparian buffers in the Blackwater River watershed.
  • A multi-scale evaluation of natural water treatment systems for the control of pesticides in agroecosystems Before joining Terra Technologies, Mr. Rogers conducted research on techniques to remediate pesticides, particularly chlorpyrifos, from agricultural stormwater flows in the San Joaquin River Basin, California. He worked to model a network of natural water treatment systems to achieve compliance with pesticide Total Maximum Daily Loads for the watershed. Mr. Rogers conducted laboratory studies to evaluate various candidate plants for use in vegetated agricultural drainage ditch treatment systems to understand their physicochemical interactions with pesticides.

Professional Affiliations & Certifications

Member, Society of Wetland Scientists


M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 2002

B.S., Chemical Engineering, Minor: English Literature, University of Missouri-Rolla, 2001


Rogers, M.R. and W.T. Stringfellow. 2009. Partitioning of chlorpyrifos to soil and plants in vegetated agricultural drainage ditches. Chemosphere 75, 114.


Ph.D. Candidate, University of California, Berkeley

Scientific Aide, California Department of Pesticide Regulation

Graduate Student Instructor, University of California, Berkeley

Graduate Student Researcher, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory





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