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John M. Kahl, P.E.

Principal Geomorphologist / Civil Engineer

Prior to joining Terra Technologies, Mr. Kahl was the administrator of the Stormwater Management Program for Johnson County Public Works, with an approximate annual budget of over $8,000,000.  Through Mr. Kahl’s effort, the concept of biotechnical engineering techniques was introduced to Johnson County, Kansas through a pilot project constructed in Mission Hills, Kansas.  Since that time, numerous other projects have been initiated as part of the Stormwater Management Program, utilizing biotechnical engineering principals.  Mr. Kahl has been an integral part of these subsequent projects throughout the Midwest, urging city officials to fully explore the limits of these techniques as part of the Stormwater Management Program.  Mr. Kahl has significant experience in stream geomorphology, civil and biotechnical engineering design projects along with an extensive amount of stormwater/flood control project experience.  Selected relevant project experience includes:

  • Dardenne Creek Tributary Homestead Estates - St. Peters, Missouri - Mr. Kahl performed an analysis of channel cross section and determined the recommended geomorphic configuration for an in-stream weir.  The weir functions to support propagation of an in-stream constructed wetland to separate sediments from deposition sites through the downstream project reach.  Base flows pass through the weir and allow continued migration of benthic organisms.
  • Antioch Creek Natural Stream Channel Design - Merriam, Kansas - Erosion from the channel threatened the stability of a home foundation and the area was also prone to flooding.  This project design included a geocellular confinement wall system. The downstream channel was lined with a combination of wire-reinforced turf reinforcing matrix (TRM) and monofilament TRM.  
  • Turkey Creek Relocation, US Army Corps of Engineering, Kansas City District - Terra Technologies performed a study to determine the applicability of biotechnical engineering solutions on channel improvements to Turkey Creek.  A geomorphic and horticultural survey was performed to document the existing riparian conditions prior to the design of any improvements.  Terra Technologies provided applicable bioengineering design for four separate reaches of the stream section.  The project represents the largest major stream relocation in the Kansas City Corps District.  The project is funded as a $2M component of a larger $45M Kansas Department of Transportation highway expansion in Kansas City, Kansas. Construction will begin Spring 2004.

Professional Registration

Professional Engineer, Missouri

Professional Engineer, Kansas  


B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Kansas, 1987

Coursework in Natural Channel Design, Fluvial Geomorphology and Biotechnical Engineering Concepts  


Civil Engineer I, Kansas Department of Transportation

Senior Construction Inspector, Missouri Department of Transportation

Civil Engineering Design Consultant

Stormwater Engineer, Johnson County Public Works




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