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David L. Flick

Principal Horticulturalist

Mr. Flick is the principal and founder of Terra Technologies.  He has a B.S. in Horticulture, and an M.S. in Biochemistry received from the University of Missouri.  Mr. Flick’s background in the areas of horticulture, agronomy, agrohistology, botany, natural resource management, and soils biological engineering in conjunction with more than 20 years of biological construction experience provides the ability to accurately specify biological stabilization using native plant materials.  Presently overseeing the development of bioengineering designs for numerous projects in Missouri and Kansas, Mr. Flick can specify ecologically effective and aesthetic plant material alternatives for wetlands, wildflower parks, prairie restorations, and stream stabilization projects that avoid the use of potentially undesirable pioneering vegetation.  Selected relevant project experience includes:

  • Cole Creek Stream Relocation and Stabilization (Fountain Lakes Commerce Center) - Saint Charles, Missouri - Mr. Flick performed a biological, horticultural, and geomorphologic assessment of Cole Creek that indicated that a more diverse ecosystem could be implemented if the channel were realigned.  Mr. Flick directed the design of the realigned creek including the selection of native grasses/trees for the enhancement of the riparian corridor along the new creek channel, a 10 acre wetland marsh, terrestrial and aquatic habitats to enhance wildlife throughout the park/development, design of grass-lined swales and ponds to act as a filter system to clean the water before entering the lakes, and a hard- and soft-trail system throughout the development/park with viewing platforms around the lakes/constructed wetlands. The comprehensive design of this project has received positive response from the USACE St. Louis District as an outstanding example biotechnical engineering project for the region.
  • Brush Creek Bank Stabilization - Prairie Village and Mission Hills, Kansas - This project was elected as the APWA Project of the Year for the Midwest Chapter.  Mr. Flick led a team of civil and biotechnical engineers in the stabilization of several thousand feet of streambanks along Kansas City’s most notorious and flood ravaged corridor: Brush Creek upstream of Country Club Plaza.  The project utilized all forms of biotechnical construction alternatives including cellular confinement walls, erosion control blanket, turf reinforced matrix, stacked limestone walls, stream weirs, and native grass/wildflower plantings.
  • Lakeside 370 Mitigation Wetland Design - St. Peters, Missouri - Mr. Flick designed the mitigation project required as part of the creation of the Lakeside Business Park in St. Peters, Missouri.  This project includes the creation of more than 50 acres of herbaceous, scrub-shrub, and forested wetlands as well as approximately 30 acres of riparian enhancement areas.  One of the planned wetlands is a twenty-four acre emergent marsh that will be located in the large onsite lake and will contain a recreational canoe trail.
  • Roth Hill Stream Bank Stabilization - Maryland Heights, Missouri - The City of Maryland Heights requested a soils bioengineering alternative to traditional rock revetment technologies for the purpose of maximizing the total lineal feet of stabilization along an unnamed tributary.  An ecological restoration plan was developed to include the selective thinning of designated species, the re-inoculation of soils with specified micro-organisms, deep cell plugs of riparian grasses and wildflowers and RPM trees from local nurseries.

Professional Registration

Registered Horticulturist (ASTA)  


M.S. General Agriculture (Biochemistry), University of Missouri, 1985

B.S. General Agriculture (Horticulture), University of Missouri, 1983


Biological Discovery Engineer, Monsanto Ltd. U.K.




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