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Village East US Soccer Complex Mitigation Site

October 17 , 2016

The Village East US Soccer Complex mitigation site is under construction, monitoring, and maintenance in central Leavenworth County, Kansas. This project site is generally located at the intersection of Woodend Road and 198th Street, approximately three miles north of Linwood, Kansas. Immediately adjacent to the 76-acre Stranger Creek Wetland and Stream Mitigation Bank and a third mitigation area, the Village East US Soccer Complex mitigation site will build upon the water quality and wildlife habitat already provided by these successfully restored natural areas.

The primary focus of this mitigation site is the restoration of an unnamed ephemeral tributary to Stranger Creek that was previously channelized to accommodate row crop production. Specifically, the original path of the formerly shortened and channelized ephemeral stream is now restored to around 730 lineal feet, creating 3,922 stream credits as computed using the Kansas Stream Mitigation Guidance. This restoration to its historic geomorphology based on indications from historical aerial photography is an extension of the restoration of the same stream that took place downstream within the Stranger Creek Wetland and Stream Mitigation Bank.

Wide riparian buffers abutting the restored stream are planted with a diverse mix of native trees, shrubs, grasses, and forbs. An extensive floristic quality index results from the establishment of such biodiversity, supporting an abundance of insect and bird species.

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