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City Place Permittee-Responsible Offsite Mitigation Project

October 17, 2016

The 10.35-acre City Place Permittee-Responsible Offsite Mitigation project is under construction, monitoring, and maintenance in eastern Johnson County, Kansas. This project site is generally located north of 151st Street and east of Kenneth Road in Overland Park, Kansas.

The immediate floodplain of the Blue River has been artificially disconnected from its original floodplain and its forested riparian corridor was converted to row crop agriculture. As a result, the Blue River, one of the most important waterways in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, was receiving agricultural pollution and experiencing stream bank erosion within this site. The mitigation activities on this site will return this location to its historical state, which will improve water quality and expand natural habitats along the Blue River, building upon a bi-state effort to make the Blue River an important greenway network. Most of the site’s 3.32 acres of wetlands will be located in the northern portion of the site, which have been row crop fields for decades. Newly established emergent wetlands will be constructed through excavation and the restoration of site hydrology. Also, existing and newly established wetlands will be planted with a diverse mix of wetland species and woody vegetation across the parcel.

An eroding portion of the Blue River will be stabilized using J-hook rock vanes to minimize future erosion and to increase bedform diversity and consequently improve aquatic habitat for fishes and the invertebrates that they feed upon. Wide riparian buffers will be planted with diverse native trees, shrubs, grasses, and forbs to replace the existing degraded riparian corridors. Also, the riparian buffers along the Blue River will be maintained by utilizing management techniques such as selective thinning and herbicide treatment to undesirable vegetation.

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