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Stranger Creek
Wetland & Stream
Mitigation Bank

Terra Technologies has established the first approved Wetland and Stream Mitigation Bank in Kansas with a service area that reaches outside of Johnson County. Our restoration plan for this 65-acre restoration site included the creation of 42 acres of riparian corridor as well as the restoration and enhancement of 18 acres of wetlands which will improve water quality by filtering agricultural runoff that flows onto the site from neighboring properties.

Streams that were transformed into linear agricultural drainageways have been restored to natural stream channels with appropriate sinuosity and entrenchment ratios. These streams now flow into a series of wetlands and eventually into a larger wetland pool in the southern portion of the property. Additionally, the current erosion of the stream bank adjacent to Stranger Creek has been addressed through the construction of a longitudinal peaked stone toe bank stabilization.

Terra Technologies’ commitment to botanical diversity resulted in the seeding and planting of more than 100 tree, shrub, and herbaceous species on this site. The creation of berms and microtopography will result in a variety of microhabitats which will allow for the establishment of a wide diversity of plant species. The abundance of different plant species and water levels will produce a significant benefit to wildlife habitat.

In addition to designing, permitting, and overseeing the construction of the mitigation bank, Terra Technologies has begun monitoring and will sell the resulting wetland and stream credits. Construction was completed in 2010 and the mitigation bank was approved in 2011.

Contact our St. Louis office at
314-984-0050 for more information.





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