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Southern Oaks

Saint Charles, Missouri

City of Saint Charles

Terra Technologies was awarded this challenging project by the City of St. Charles in order to address flooding, stream instability, and slope failure.  Located at 5th Street and Southern Oaks Way, an ancient high bank existed in an oxbow configuration.  The slope was in excess of 60 feet tall, and was mass wasting into the stream, at times reducing flows through a culvert.

Upstream from the high bank, flooding was occurring next to residential properties where the stream reached a bottleneck from a forested hillside.  A Geomorphic Evaluation revealed that the stream was filled and realigned in conjunction with residential site development, and attempts to armor the stream with riprap were not successful.

As the lead consultant, Terra Technologies teamed with Horner & Shifrin and SCI Engineering to develop geotechnically stabile bioengineered improvements for the project area.  The creek channel was moved near its predevelopment (stable) location and the high bank was stabilized with a geo-cellular confinement system.  The surface cells were planted with a mixture of grasses, vines, and wildflowers to enhance the aesthetics. Construction of improvements was successfully completed in Fall 2003.  The vegetation on the geo-cellular wall is now fully mature, visually obscuring the geocells and providing additional stabilization to the soils within the wall.  This project was awarded the 2004 Urban Conservationist award by the St. Charles County Soil & Water Conservation District.  




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