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Rodrock Lake
Detention Project

South Johnson County, Kansas

Payne & Brockway, PA

Rodrock Lake, a planned improvement in Johnson County, Kansas, is constructed to retain peak stormwater flows from two tributaries within the watershed.  Due to the concentration of livestock production in the area, the retention lake was designed to receive flow across a series of constructed wetlands in order to improve water quality prior to incharge to the lake.  Each constructed wetland retains the 2-year design storm, and releases the water to the lake for a period of 7-days.  During this period, no less than 60 wetland species and associated micro-organisms function to biologically utilize inorganic forms of nitrogen and phosphorous.  Annually, the wetlands are expected to remove no less than 6,000 pounds of nitrogen and 4,000 pounds of phosphorous.

The lake is constructed to provide shallow and deep fish habitat structures.  A combination of wetland plants is intended to provide cover for smaller fish species, as well as spawning beds for indigenous aquatic species.  In-lake structures provide habitat for catfish, bass, bluegill, sunfish, bullhead, and crappie species.  The lake is accessible to canoes and non-motorized boats.

This project, designed and permitted by Terra Technologies and Payne and Brockway Engineers, serves to provide retention and preservation of a private-maintained tract of land.  Improvements in riparian buffers, restoration of endangered glade prairie grasses/wildflowers, and improvements in bird habitat are also included in the project design.

The photos included in this project description indicate plant maturity within the first growing season.  Seven acres of wetland protect approximately 35 acres of lake habitat.  The project has been nominated for an environmental excellence award by the US Army Corps of Engineers, KC District.




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