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Osage Plains
Wetland & Stream
Mitigation Bank

Terra Technologies designed and is performing construction oversight, marketing, and monitoring of a Wetland and Stream Mitigation Bank located south of Kansas City in Cass County, Missouri. The proposed bank service area will include virtually all of Cass, Henry, and Bates counties as well as parts of Jackson, Johnson, Benton, St. Clair, Cedar, Barton, and Vernon counties.

Terra Technologies recognized that the site, which had been in row crop production for decades, had a significant amount of local topographic variability and a favorable position in the landscape for wetland development. This topographic variability was enhanced to facilitate the creation of wetland hydrology and hydric soil development.

The enhancement of the site’s intricate topography led to a wide variety of microhabitats along a hydrologic gradient, which allowed for the establishment of a high amount of botanical diversity. Terra Technologies has planted appropriate native plant species to match the unique topography, soil, and hydrologic conditions of the site. The forested areas support more than 30 woody species including pin oak, shellbark hickory, and swamp white oak, the scrub-shrub communities include no less than 12 woody species including buttonbush, silky dogwood, shrub indigo, and elderberry, and the herbaceous communities included no less than 50 species including a diverse sedge mix, bulrushes, and numerous attractive wildflowers such as iris and bur marigold.

This project has provided numerous water quality benefits including, but not limited to: flood control, reconnection of a perennial river with its floodplain, and the removal of agricultural pollutants from runoff (71% of Cass County is cultivated or cultural grasslands; 1% is marsh/wet herbaceous vegetation; Downstream is Section 303(d) listed Lake of the Ozarks). In addition, numerous wildlife benefits have been establishedincluding amphibian breeding sites, a water source for birds & mammals, a wildlife corridor along river (no fences) and establishment of small mammal habitat.

Contact our St. Louis office at
314-984-0050 for more information.

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