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14120 Missouri Bottom Road Permitting & SWPPP Creation

Bridgeton, Missouri

14120 Missouri Bottom Road, LLC


Terra Technologies was retained by 14120 Missouri Bottom Road, LLC to assist with the environmental permitting necessary to expand their fill storage operation in northwest St. Louis County. The extension of the site into two onsite wetlands required Clean Water Act Section 404 and 401 authorization. Additionally, the client needed to renew their Clean Water Act Section 402 land disturbance permit which required the creation of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

The site is being used as a clean fill storage facility with the long term goal of filling the site to a predetermined elevation that will allow for commercial development of the property.Two wetlands existed on-site that together encompassed 1.12 acres. The herbaceous wetland existed near the center of the site and was of poor quality. The location of this wetland was hindering the fill activities, which in turn threatened the health of the wetland. The willow thicket scrub-shrub wetland was located near the road and was also complicating the fill activities. Both wetland areas needed to be filled in order to complete the long-term goal of developing the site commercially.

Terra Technologies guided the client through the Section 404 and 401 permit process. Because of the amount of wetlands impacted, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers processed the project as an Individual Permit which required public notice and additional documentation. Terra Technologies responded to the public comments and explained why the proposed activities were the only practicable option for the client in an Alternatives Analysis report. The client also had to demonstrate how they would mitigate for the loss of the on-site wetlands through the re-creation of wetlands elsewhere. After thoroughly exploring on-site mitigation options, it was determined that the best way for the client to satisfy their mitigation requirements was to purchase credits from a local mitigation bank. After purchasing the mitigation credits, the Section 404 and 401 permits were acquired.

Terra Technologies also completed a Land Disturbance permit application to the City of Bridgeton for the client. As part of this permit application, Terra Technologies wrote the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan for the site which described the property’s drainage patterns as well as the Best Management Practices and employee actions used to prevent any chemicals, sediments, or any other pollutant from leaving the project site. The Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan also included a thorough monitoring plan which will be used to ensure that all of the Best Management Practices are properly examined and maintained.



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