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Lakeshore Meadows Jurisdictional Assessment
& Endangered Species Assessment

Olathe, Kansas

Level-4 Engineering

Scientists from Terra Technologies performed a Jurisdictional Assessment of wetlands and streams on this 80-acre farm parcel intended for residential development. Terra Technologies also handled the Clean Water Act permitting for the project. After delineating several ponds, wetlands, and ephemeral streams, our firm used our knowledge of complex and evolving U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regulations and directives regarding isolated waters of the U.S. to determine that several wetlands, ponds, and a stream were not under the jurisdiction of the federal government and therefore not subject to mitigation.

After assisting the client with avoidance and minimization of wetlands, ponds, and streams, the amount of unavoidable impacts were more than the thresholds allowed under the Nationwide Permit system. As a result, the client had to seek an Individual Permit, which is the more comprehensive and scrutinized type of Clean Water Act Section 404 permit. Because of the higher profile associated with the Individual Permit, Endangered Species and Cultural Resources investigations were required.

Terra Technologies scientists performed an Endangered Species Assessment to satisfy a request by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. A survey was performed of the site in order to describe the suitability of the habitat on the property for two snakes declared threatened by the State of Kansas, the Redbelly Snake and the Smooth Earth Snake. The investigation focused on several factors, including the vegetation, geology, and hydrology of the entire site for the purpose of analyzing and quantifying the quality of habitats on the property for these two snakes in order to determine if critical habitat existed on the parcel.

Additionally, a mitigation plan was written for the client that allowed them to satisfy the requirements of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 permit.




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