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East Forest Pine Drive
Bank Stabilization

Wildwood, Missouri

Client: Ralph Jones Contracting

Terra Technologies was retained by the construction contractor to perform bank stabilization design on a section of bank along Forest Pine Drive on Caulks Creek.  The Caulks Creek watershed has seen substantial development over the past 20 years, which has had a dramatic impact on the rate of stormwater runoff.  As a result, there is serious bank erosion in the project area, which is endangering Forest Pine Drive.

The proposed design included a Geogrid Reinforced Soil Slope (GRSS).  The lower portion of the slope was designed to be sloped at 1H:1V as layered 18” tall, 9” terraced-planting, embedded and face wrapped high-tensile turf reinforcement mat.  The bottom 2’ was to be constructed of a four foot thick riprap and rock fill.  The face was to be 2’ minimum thickness of riprap and the remainder of the section was to be granular rock fill.  This was to protect the toe of the biostabilized slope from frequent inundating flows.

A biodegradable erosion control blanket that is rated for flow velocities at and below 9 feet per second was designed for installation above the steepened geogrid reinforced slope as a means of protecting the engineered grade from erosion. The material was selected based on its availability to provide interim protection to developing native seedlings for a period of two years.

Construction was performed in the Spring of 2003 and the slope was completely vegetated and successfully stabilized by June.

Pre-Project Conditions

Stream Stabilization Photo

Stream Stabilization Photo
Stream Stabilization Photo


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