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Camp Branch
Wetland & Stream
Mitigation Bank

Terra Technologies has designed a Wetland and Stream Mitigation Bank which is being built in eastern Cass County south of Kansas City, Missouri. As part of the restoration plan for this 87-acre site, we are proposing to create more than 30 acres of riparian corridor for several perennial and intermittent streams as well as enhance more than 44 acres of existing riparian corridor. In addition, Terra Technologies is proposing to create or restore nine acres of herbaceous wetlands, create one acre of forested wetlands, rehabilitate one acre of existing farmed wetlands and enhance two acres of degraded uplands.

In order to improve regional water quality and wildlife habitat Terra Technologies will convert portions of the property that are currently in agricultural production to forested and herbaceous wetlands through the creation of microtopography as well as the creation of large and small berms across the site to divert existing sheet flow. The site’s position in the Camp Branch and Clear Creek floodplains and the predominance of poorly drained soils across the site make the probability of success very high.

Terra Technologies’ dedication to botanical diversity will result in the planting of numerous species of trees and shrubs across the site as well as more than 100 species of herbaceous plants across a variety of habitat types. The combination of forested wetland, herbaceous wetland, prairie, dry woodland, and riparian corridor will provide significant improvements to local wildlife habitat, as will the creation of several quail covey headquarters across the site. Additionally, the creation of new wetlands and the restoration of existing wetlands will provide a significant impact to water quality as local agricultural runoff will filter through the onsite wetlands.

Terra Technologies has overseen the construction of the mitigation bank and will perform monitoring, navigate the regulatory requirements, and sell the resulting wetland and stream credits. The proposed service area will include virtually all of Cass, Henry, and Bates counties as well as parts of Jackson, Johnson, Benton, St. Clair, Cedar, Barton, and Vernon counties.

Construction began in late 2008.

Contact our St. Louis office at
314-984-0050 for more information.





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