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Press Release:

Firm Announces Closure Of Sni-A-Bar Creek Wetland And Stream Mitigaiton Bank

Friday, June 1, 2015


David Flick, Principal and Founder of Terra Technologies, is proud to announce that the Sni-A-Bar Creek Wetland and Stream Mitigation Bank has been declared fully successful, has sold all of its credits, and has been closed out by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


This mitigation bank encompasses almost 70 acres in eastern Jackson County, Missouri, and abuts two wetland and stream mitigation sites that provide an additional 12.5 acres of adjacent wetland and riparian habitat.


The ecological improvements on the mitigation bank were quantified into wetland and stream credits which were sold to developers, municipalities and other entities to offset the impacts of their projects to aquatic resources in west-central Missouri, specifically the Central Plains / Blackwater / Lamine Ecological Drainage Unit which surrounds the Missouri River. Over the five years and six months the mitigation bank was open, it provided compensation for the impacts associated with forty nine development projects


The improvements to the site included the restoration of more than 22 acres of forested wetlands and almost 7 acres of marsh, the widening of the riparian buffers along almost 6,200 linear feet of Sni-A-Bar Creek and almost 3,250 linear feet of a perennial tributary through the planting of almost 25 acres of new forest cover, and the enhancement of 15.3 acres of existing thin riparian cover. In addition, a levee along Sni-A-Bar Creek was breached in five places to encourage flooding of the site, an event that occurs with some frequency.



Containing a significant array of plant species, the mitigation bank has been used for site visits during a U.S. EPA conference on wetlands, a Society of Wetland Scientists Central Chapter annual meeting, and for an EPA class on wetland assessment.


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