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Press Release:

Sac River Wetland And Stream Mitigation Bank On Public Notice

January 13, 2014

David Flick, principal and founder of Terra Technologies, is proud to announce the issuance of a Public Notice by the Kansas City District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the proposed establishment of the Sac River Wetland & Stream Mitigation Bank which will be operated by Swallow Tail, LLC. This proposed mitigation bank is located along the Sac River in Cedar County, Missouri, a few miles downstream of Stockton Lake.


This 109-acre proposed mitigation bank will include the entire exterior portion of Keith Island and will protect and improve almost 7,400 linear feet of one side of the Sac River main channel, more than 3,000 linear feet of both sides of the Sac River bypass channel and more than 4,300 linear feet of one or both sides of multiple tributary streams. It includes roughly 48 acres of restored riparian forest buffer, 25 acres of enhanced existing riparian forest buffer, 9 acres of created or rehabilitated herbaceous wetlands and 14 acres of upland buffer creation. The improvements to the stream, riparian buffer, wetland and upland buffer habitats on the site are proposed to be used as compensatory mitigation for unavoidable impacts to streams and wetlands within the portion of the Osage River watershed within the Ozarks (the Ozark/Osage Ecological Drainage Unit).


The public notice will expire on February 3, 2014.









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