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Press Release:

Scientist Complete Complex Wetland Delineation For a Residential Development in Lenexa, Kansas

December 2, 2013


Scientists with Terra Technologies completed a complex wetland delineation for the Reserves residential development in Lenexa, Kansas.


The project site consists of land previously graded for development in 2005 then suspended from further activity. The parcel was later purchased by others for the purpose of residential development.


A scientist with Terra Technologies completed a complex jurisdictional assessment of potential waters of the United States finding six wetlands totaling 1.79 acres within the limits of the proposed development project. The limits of such wetland are determined by the Corps of Engineers 1987 method. A separate set of rules govern whether wetlands are regulated or exempt from Clean Water Act jurisdiction.


The six wetlands resulted from temporary excavations, and such excavations are considered non-jurisdictional features if the site has not abandoned its original project purpose. Terra Technologies submitted the opinion that all wetlands were not abandonments for a final determination from the Regulatory Branch of the US Army. The agency concurred that such wetlands present on the site were considered non-jurisdictional waters of the United States. As a result of the exemption, no Clean Water 404 permit authorization was required prior to site construction.


Scientists and engineers at Terra Technologies perform numerous complex wetland delineations annually. For more information about Wetland Delineations, contact your local office of Terra Technologies.






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