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Press Release:

Scientist Delineates Riparian Corridor Limits Per KCMO Requirements

March 23, 2012


QuikTrip Corporation proposed to construct a new commercial development on a parcel of land located at State Line Rd and Carondelet Drive in Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO). The parcel contains a stream that is subject to regulation under the KCMO Stream Setback Ordinance. The ordinance regulates development activities along streams identified on the Kansas City Natural Resources Protection Map and establishes stream setbacks that create a buffer zone between regulated streams and adjoining developable land. Setback widths are based upon a number of the stream’s physical and biological properties, including the 100 year floodplain, adjacent steep slopes, and mature riparian vegetation. The setbacks are divided into three zones. They include the streamside zone which extends twenty five feet away from the stream edge on each side of the channel, the middle zone which includes the entire 100 year floodplain & all adjacent wetlands, and the outer zone which is a minimum of 75 feet in width from the edge of the middle zone on each side of the channel and includes all adjacent steep slopes & mature riparian vegetation within 250 feet of the edge of the middle zone. Different types of development activities are allowed in each zone, and developers must seek permit authorization from KCMO to develop within the buffer zones. Permit applications must include a stream buffer plan that identify the extents of the three zones and any areas of the zones that will be impacted by development.


As a requirement of the KCMO permit process, a scientist with Terra Technologies delineated the extents of mature riparian vegetation along the regulated stream at the QuikTrip parcel in order to establish the width of the outer zone. The delineated boundary was included on the stream buffer plan submitted to KCMO by QuikTrip’s civil engineer. Construction at the site is scheduled to begin in 2012.


For more assistance with riparian delineations, contact your local office of Terra Technologies.





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