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Press Release:

Principals Teaching Training Classes For Municipal Officials, Developers, Civil Engineers, Real Estate Proffessionals, And Lenders

Friday, May 8, 2015


David Flick and John Kahl, Principals with Terra Technologies, are conducting training updates to keep clients informed of recent changes in various environmental regulations


First and foremost, regulation of the Northern Long Eared Bat is now in effect and will impact every type of construction project where mechanized clearing is required. Habitat of the species is now protected by the Endangered Species Act, with mechanized clearing limited to the November 1 to February 28 time period. Very few activities are considered minimal impacts.


Second, new rule making soon to be completed by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Army Corps of Engineers is expected to legally define the meaning of jurisdictional waters. Such new rules are intended to replace the more complex “significant nexus evaluation” ordered previously by the US Supreme Court for the agencies to apply to limit their jurisdiction.

And finally, a recent statutory update in Kansas provides more state oversight of activities in floodplains and streams. In many instances, several new permits are required by the Chief Engineer at the Kansas Department of Agriculture involving work in FEMA floodplains and modification of levees and stream cross section.


For more information about annual training updates, contact your local office of Terra Technologies.


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