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Press Release:

Scientist Receive Individual 404 Permit for Industrial Development Project in Riverside, Missouri

December 13, 2013


David Flick, Principal and Founder, announces that the firm successfully completed Section 404/401 Clean Water Act permitting for the Rinker Industrial Parcel in Riverside, Missouri. Hydro Conduit manufactured at the site from the 1970s. In 2008, demolition of the site resulted in the discontinued use of the storm water pumps and the inability of storm water to runoff from the site. The demolition failed to excavate a relief trench to allow storm water to be conveyed off parcel, creating potential jurisdictional surface water features at the site.


Scientists with Terra Technologies completed a jurisdictional assessment of potential waters of the United States finding a total of 0.32 acre of wetlands and 4.45 acres of open water. Because proposed development could not practicably avoid such features, the wetlands and open water were identified as unavoidable impacts to jurisdictional waters. Staff at Terra Technologies submitted the required technical submittals and received an Individual 404 permit authorization from the Regulatory Branch of the US Army Corps of Engineers.


Due to the permanent loss of a small quantity of wetlands, mitigation credits will be purchased from the Clear Fork Wetland and Stream Mitigation Bank where such surface waters are preserved through perpetuity under management by Terra Technologies.


For more information about Clean Water Act Section 404 Individual Permits, please contact your local office of Terra Technologies.






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