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Press Release:

Firm Announces Blue Branch Stream Restoration Project

April 22, 2013

David Flick, Principal and Founder, announces that the firm has completed scientific design of an important stream restoration project in Grain Valley Missouri. At the subject site, the south and north branches of Blue Branch form confluence provides perennial conveyance 2+ miles upstream from Sni-a-Bar Creek. Stream features include a cut-off oxbow formation and extensive segments of linear pools.


Restoration activities include the eradication of non-native herbaceous species including fescue, bluegrass, canarygrass, Johnsongrass, teasel, crown vetch, and garlic mustard as well as the overstory tree, Tree of Heaven. In order to establish a healthy functioning riparian corridor, several thousand individual specimens of native overstory trees including oak, hickory, walnut, coffee tree, ash, sycamore, and basswood will be planted. Understory plantings of native shrubs include redbud, dogwood, willow, ninebark, wahoo, and numerous other species.


Work in jurisdictional waters is authorized by the US Army Corps of Engineers, Regulatory Branch, Kansas City District. Signage denotes the limits of restoration activities. The property is owned by Habitat-Missouri and Terra Foundation, entities that exist to restore and protect important ecological areas. Restoration activities will continue annually for a period of 10-years. For more information about stream restoration, contact your local office of Terra Technologies.





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