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Press Release:

Scientist Complete Natural Resource Assessment Of Proposed Conservation Corridor At Multifamily Development In Lenexa, Kansas

July 8, 2013

Terra Technologies successfully completed a Natural Resource Assessment of a 9-acre Conservation Corridor in Lenexa, Kansas.


WaterCrest is created by Ken Block with Block Real Estate Services as a large multifamily development at Renner Boulevard and 87 th Street adjacent to the City Center development corridor. A USGS blue line tributary traverses a portion of the parcel and provides important terrestrial and aquatic habitat to species not regulated at the federal or state level. In order to preserve the habitat, Mr. Block directed engineering and scientific staff to design an extended wetland detention BMP facility to handle post development runoff within the sub-basin while protecting the stream and adjacent riparian corridor from disturbance


The wetland basin provides persistent pools with adjacent uplands to favor salamandor habitat and replaces a single existing low habitat value farm pond on the parcel. Water collected in the basin is metered at a controlled rate for discharge to the existing stream, and wetland vegetation is selected to withstand short periods of inundation. When completed, greater than 100 species of native wetland and upland plant species will be present on the parcel.


Scientists at Terra Technologies performed a Natural Resource Assessment report to qualify the site for a Section 170 tax deduction as a relatively natural form of terrestrial and aquatic habitat. For more information about Natural Resource Assessments, contact your local office of Terra Technologies.






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