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Press Release:

Scientists Complete Annual Monitoring At BNSF Mitigation Site In Edgerton, Kansas

January 7, 2014

Scientists with Terra Technologies recently completed the annual monitoring for the BNSF Mitigation Site in Edgerton, Kansas. The mitigation site is required for the impacts that occurred for the construction of the BNSF Intermodal Facility. This large mitigation site includes the relocation of a stream for 7,747 linear feet, 31.23 acres of riparian buffer creation, 8.79 acres of riparian buffer enhancement, and the restoration of 7.18 acres of wetlands. In order to ensure the success of the mitigation, annual monitoring is required to document that the mitigation site is functioning properly and is being properly maintained.


To succesfully document the conditions at the site, over 50 permanent sampling locations were designated and then visited to collect the data defined in the Performance Standards section of the Mitigation Plan. Data collected at the BNSF Mitigation Site included inspections of the relocated stream channel profile, a Wolman Pebble Count (which, over time, will be used to track the movement of sediments within the stream channel, the percent cover of native vegetation, the percent cover of hydrophytic vegetation, the presence of hydric soils, the presence of wetland hydrology, the percent survival of planted trees and shrubs, and the percent cover of invasive species.


Once the data had been collected from each sample point, Scientists with Terra Technologies then analyzed the data and extrapolated a report describing the results of the data and a determination of the success of the Mitigation Site, as well as, the issuing of recommendations to ensure mitigation success in future years.



For more information about Annual Monitoring please contact your local Terra Technologies office.






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