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Press Release:

Terra Technologies Performs SWPPP Inspections
at AmerenUE Site in Columbia, Missouri

August 13, 2013

Terra Technologies is retained by utility company AmerenUE to perform Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) inspections at a 17-acre disturbed site where a new operations and training center is being built in Columbia, Missouri. The SWPPP inspections help AmerenUE comply with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) authorized as part of the Clean Water Act.

SWPPP inspections are performed weekly and after every precipitation event greater than 0.50 inch. During the inspections Terra Technologies inspects all the Best Management Practices (BMPs) to make sure that they are functioning properly and to see if additional BMPs should be installed to prevent any sediments or other water pollution from leaving the site. BMPs inspected at the AmerenUE project site include silt fences, rock check dams, sediment pools, vegetated bioswales and site entry and exit ways.

For every inspection Terra Technologies prepares a detailed report determining whether the BMPs are functioning properly. A photographic log is submitted with every report to clarify the location and type of BMPs used. If a deficiency is found, the location and description of the deficiency is stated in the report so that it can promptly be repaired. Any repairs performed are also included in the report and photographic log.

Terra Technologies’ SWPPP inspections provide additional information above and beyond the industry standard in order to help site managers have complete and current information regarding the sediment and erosion control on their construction sites. The photographic log and transmittal letter (with itemized descriptions of any BMPs out of compliance with the site’s SWPPP) provide a clear and concise summary of the status of a site.

SWPPP inspections will be required until the construction is complete and long term stormwater controls are in place. At that time the BMPs will no longer be needed to prevent sediment and pollution from leaving the site. Site construction began in 2012 and is anticipated to be completed sometime in 2014.





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