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Press Release:

Scientists Complete Degraded Pasture Assessment For Future Residential Development At 183rd And Quivira In Overland Park, Kansas

September 13, 2013

David Flick, Principal and Founder, announces that the firm has successfully completed a Degraded Pasture Assessment for a future Residential Development in Overland Park, Kansas. The City of Overland Park, Kansas promulgates rules that require a developer to ensure that the quality of post-development storm water runoff does not exceed the quality of pre-development storm water runoff. Using a methodology that incorporates predevelopment features including pasture, woodlands, and existing impervious surfaces, a metric is computed to determine the present water quality value.


A Degraded Pasture Assessment evaluates 9 different measures of grassland conditions:

  • Plant Population
  • Plant Diversity
  • Plant Vigor
  • Legumes in Stand
  • Severity of Use
  • Uniformity of Use
  • Soil Resources
  • Undesirable Plant Canopy
  • Plant Residue


These 9 different measures were determined separately for each pasture within the assessment area then added together to produce numerical score. This numerical score was then entered into a formula to determine that the actual pasture score of the assessment area was 3.34. According to the City of Overland Parks Pre-Development Pasture Scale a 3.34 is classified as a Degraded Pasture. This classification is then used to determine the extent and amount of BMPs (Best Management Practices) needed to ensure that post-development storm water runoff does not exceed the quality of pre-development storm water runoff


For more information about Degraded Pasture Assessments, contact your local office of Terra Technologies.






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