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Terra Technologies specializes in utilizing biotechnical engineering solutions for solving erosion control problems.  Biotechnical engineering, otherwise known as bioengineering, combines the disciplines of civil engineering, soils bioengineering, stream morphology, and horticulture to derive long term solutions that work with, rather than against, natural environmental processes.

Bioengineering solutions provide several advantages to traditional engineering solutions for erosion control problems:

  • Lower implementation costs
  • Shorter permitting timeframes
  • Environmental benefits
  • Aesthetic appearance often appreciated by neighboring property owners

Terra Technologies has successfully completed numerous stream bank stabilization and restoration projects in the St. Louis area and across the Midwest. The design of natural stream channels represents 80% of our core business on a daily basis.  No less than 30 stream bank stabilization projects are currently in construction or design in the greater St. Louis and Kansas City metropolitan areas.

Terra Technologies can specify and implement a variety of materials and techniques including erosion control blankets, turf reinforcing matrices, wire reinforced turf reinforcing matrices, geocellular confinement, biogabions, coir fiber rolls, LUNKERS, articulated concrete block systems, pool and riffle systems, bonded fiber matrices, and others.  Terra Technologies constantly looks at new applications for existing products that can be used for biotechnical solutions.  When appropriate, pure vegetative stabilization approaches can also be effective.

The key to any biotechnical solution is the long-term establishment of self-sustaining and low maintenance vegetation that is indigenous to the area.  A mature biotechnical installation should contain a balanced and desirable mix of riparian vegetation and grasses that do not require extensive mechanical and chemical treatment to maintain the balance and control undesirable vegetation. Terra Technologies brings the necessary knowledge of agrohistology, horticulture, soil bioengineering, and botany to the project to assure long-term success.



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